I’ve had my fingers in a lot of creative pies over the years, but spend most of my time in graphic design and illustration.

My favorite things are editorial/layout, and any opportunity to doodle. I’ve worked remotely long before it was considered fashionable – for all but six months in the last ten years.

When not busy-bee-ing in my home office, I can be found on two legs or two wheels in the great outdoors, swimming across the San Francisco bay, obsessively organizing my Trello boards, getting lost in the Wikipedia vortex, playing video games, upping my GIF game, and getting carried away by great music when not anchored by good food.


Back in early 2018, I doodled a little woodchuck as a placeholder avatar for new accounts on the Kahoot! platform. Today, he is the mascot. You can meet him at ISTE or wandering HQ in Oslo!

  • A full fridge and an empty laundry basket
  • Packing suitcases & grocery bags like tetris
  • Those stripes you get in the carpet after vacuuming
  • The first sip of morning coffee
  • Pareidolia 🙂

Thanks for all your work and close collaboration, you are the fastest and best graphic designer I have worked with.
ALEX REMEN · Product Director, Kahoot! Mobile Apps

She does what needs to be done and then asks whether it was possible. … I think you would find her a terrific and welcome addition to your team. She is self-motivated and hard working, original and authentic, and fully capable of taking on any task and finding a way to solve any problem, all in a spirit of grace and calm.
WADE DAVIS · Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

Always quick, always creative, always helpful and always positive! Love her creativity!
ANONYMOUS · Comments left for Kahoot!’s team member of the week

She takes initiative… […] She does not just focus on tasks assigned to her, but also looks for opportunities to make Kahoot! material look awesome.
ANONYMOUS · Comments left for Kahoot!’s team member of the week

It soon became evident that the team had hired a real talent. … Lauren is one of those rare artists that a production can always depend on, and one every production needs.
JAMES HUGHES · The Velvet Abstract

I have had a long and ugly career in various types of publications, and I’ve worked with many designers, but I can surely say from experience that there are very few like you, especially for project management skills.
NADIA ILYIN · Metropolitan Club Communications Chair & Bulletin editor